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Enphase Solar


Get more power and safety for your home with Enphase solar

With Enphase solar, you’re in control, and that’s a powerful thing.
You can save money. You can manage your own energy. You can be
energy independent. But none of that matters if it’s not safe. That’s
why Enphase is built from the ground up with safety in mind.
– Unparalleled safety. With the Enphase solar, there is no
dangerous high-voltage DC running across your roof, only the
same standard AC that powers your appliances.
– Maximise your savings. With Enphase, each panel is fitted
with its own microinverter to create panel-level independence
and generate the most energy possible.
– A single app for everything. Real-time monitoring of your
energy production at a panel level enables you to make
informed choices about how best to use your solar energy.


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Advantages of Adding Solar to Your Energy Portfolio

  • Reduce your carbon footprint significantly. 
  • The energy generated is clean and renewable, reducing the overall demand from less sustainable sources.
  • The more electricity your solar system provides, the less you’ll need to buy from your grid supplier. 
  • As fuel sources become more scarce, energy prices will increase. Your own power generation stabilises your future energy costs.
  • Surplus electricity feeds the electricity grid, adding renewable energy to your community’s energy profile and making money for you for your excess supply.
  • Leahy’s can match your system to applicable government rebates and other inducements to go clean.
  • Even top of the line residential solar systems can pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years and have earned homeowners as much as $50,000 profit over the life of the system.
  • Well-designed solar systems can increase the value of your property.
  • Many solar systems will make your site completely energy independent, negating the concern about outside factors disrupting operations.
  • Shifting your energy supply to renewable helps Australia achieve its Renewable Energy Target.