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Commercial Lighting


Lighting is often overlooked as a critical factor for a business rightly concerned about its product, its employees, its accounts receivable, and its customers. We’ve had clients underestimate their lighting budget only to discover that their customers can’t see the unique aspects of their product through the shadows, their employees need extra desk lamps to perform their work, and their lack of concern about security lighting has made them liable.

Adequate lighting is crucial to any company’s smooth operation, but a thoughtful commercial lighting plan can pay for itself in added safety, functionality and efficiency. Take it a step further, and expert lighting will enhance the display of your products, foster a desired mood in your space and drive traffic to specific sites. Developing a comprehensive lighting plan for your business — no matter what you do — is the right decision.

Why is Leahy's the right choice?

Leahy’s Electrical Services has been designing and constructing southwest Victoria businesses’ commercial lighting systems for more than 60 years. From indoor lighting systems of every type to lighting systems covering vast spaces like carparks and sports arenas, we’ve tackled every type of project for every type of business. You’ll profit from our unmatched experience in this field. Advanced lighting technology offers a dizzying array of choices these days at every price point, but we’ll help match your needs to the right options for your specific business considerations.

Factors to Consider in Commercial Lighting Design

  • What matters most — the look of the lighting, performance, security, energy consumption or maintenance?
  • Think about lighting purposes — general lighting, task lighting, security lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting. 
  • Your outdoor lighting is your first chance to engage a customer or passerby, making the difference between an initial positive or negative impact.
    • Can the customer read your signage?
    • Do the lights cast frightening shadows in the carpark? 
    • Does it seem generally inviting? Is it too bright? 
    • Will it bother your neighbours or create hazards for drivers?
  • LED lighting can be an investment for the future, but is this the right time for your business to commit or retrofit? Are you considering fluorescent or softer light?
  • High-tech energy-efficient systems can keep your energy bills down and decrease your carbon footprint, but are those options right for your budget?
  • Automated lighting and control systems can be effective in minimising costs, but they can also cause liability concerns.
  • Government codes and regulations require a certain degree of emergency lighting, but does your business have particular hazards to be addressed? 
  • What will the maintenance costs be? How easily can components be replaced?


Give Leahy’s a call and we’ll walk you through the lighting pros and cons unique to your business.