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Testing / Preventative Maintenance



Once you connect a device to an electrical supply, that device becomes dangerous, regardless of its actual purpose. On top of the danger electricity inherently represents, the flow of electricity instantly activates the danger posed by a machine’s normal operation. Any unintended interruption to electricity’s flow along the way — a surge, a frayed wire or a flawed procedure — can result in disaster. 

Sadly, it usually takes such a disaster before we agree to procedures designed to avoid the same disaster from recurring, and that’s when the government steps in to (A) standardise procedures and (B) ensure that everybody complies. This often takes the form of testing and reporting requirements.

Government and site-specific regulations can be a labyrinth of legalese and odd demands. Compliance can be a headache, but a single missed deadline or good faith error can bring unwelcome attention to your company that could be costly and take years to smooth out. On the other hand, thorough, careful routine testing and preventative maintenance can point out potential concerns before they become expensive problems. At the end of the day, society performs these tests because they provide a regular, comprehensive overview of the ongoing health of our systems, and that’s good for continuity of operations.

Why turn to Leahy's?

Leahy’s Electrical Services has helped local businesses stay on top of their testing and preventative maintenance obligations for over 60 years. More than any other area, your success in fulfilling every requirement bears on our success in properly guiding you through the process in our coordinated efforts to achieve full compliance. We’ll keep your calendar of reporting deadlines and schedule our inspections to give us all plenty of time to address any issues we find before we make our final reports.

Our Range of Industry Partners

Our expertise extends to a diverse range of industry partners.

  • Residential
  • Nursing homes
  • Student accommodations
  • Schools and universities
  • Medical centres
  • Offices and office buildings
  • Caravans and camping parks
  • Construction sites
  • Retail stores
  • Trade shows and demonstration days

In working with such a wide variety of industries, we’ve developed skills in testing protocols, and we’re always open to the challenge of a new field.

Types of Testing

Our team offers thermal camera specialists who use top of the line thermal imaging cameras and specialty software to collect the highest quality data and produce the most professional inspection reports. Some of our competitors perform thermal testing using inferior equipment, and we’ve seen that result in unfortunate consequences.

RCD testing safely trips the power on your devices to ensure that they respond properly in the event of an incident. An emergency is not the right time to find out the extent to which your systems aren’t operating safely.


Proper exit and emergency lighting can mean the difference between life and death, so it’s little wonder the government emphasises compliance. Leahy’s has been designing, installing and testing emergency lighting systems for decades, and we can cite the regulations from memory.

General Preventative Electrical Maintenance

It’s just good business to schedule and perform regular maintenance of your building and machine systems because they are sure to fail you at the most inconvenient moments. Early detection of an electrical issue is key to preventing cascading failures. Leahy’s can work with you to design a maintenance agreement that works best for the type of machinery you run and the way you need to run it. Periodically testing, monitoring, fixing or replacing any components of your electrical systems will minimise the chance of unscheduled work stoppage for repairs or more extensive damage caused by continued operations under faulty conditions.

No commercial facility should operate without a maintenance plan — whether you keep qualified electricians on staff or outsource to licensed professionals. Give Leahy’s a call today, and we’ll set you up with a maintenance schedule and experienced specialists.