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Industrial Electrical Systems


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No matter your industry, both an efficient supply of electricity and functional electrical systems are vital to your operations. Time is money, and lost machine time from electrical disruptions means lost man-hours, work flow, billing and other operational costs. Your building systems must continuously feed your machine systems, which must run on-demand to achieve your company’s goals. Careful design of your electrical systems and routine maintenance are the two pillars reinforcing a successful business plan.

Leahy’s Electrical Services has been supporting southwest Victoria businesses with their industrial electrical systems for over 60 years, and we’re proud of our contributions to the region’s economic development. We designed many of the industrial electrical systems in the area and have retrofit many others. Our experienced staff have conquered just about every problem that can possibly arise. Over the years, Leahy’s has designed, installed and repaired systems for a diverse array of industries, including:

    • Meat processing
    • Various types of food production
    • Gas and other energy-related ventures
    • Milk and dryer
    • Water treatment

If your machinery requires daily maintenance or construction attention, Leahy’s is happy to permanently staff your location with fully licensed professionals as we do for other local companies. The more opportunities we have to evaluate your processes, the better advice we can offer to optimise their power supplies.


Whatever your industry, Leahy’s will take care of all your company’s electrical needs.

Systems specific to the building

Leahy’s can design, install and/or maintain:

  • Power distribution systems and energy management
  • Electrical grounding and power quality
  • Building, lighting, machinery automation
  • Surge and electrical protection, fire, security and safety systems
  • Integrated systems
  • A complete fit-out, top to bottom
  • Panels, switchboards, fixtures, specialised equipment
  • Telecommunications systems, leaving options for future expansion
  • Fire control and sprinkler systems
  • Alarm systems, cameras and other security features
  • On-site electricity generation and backup generator systems
  • Heating and cooling solutions for routine use and for specialised equipment
  • Emergency and exit lighting systems

Other Leahy's building services

  • Evaluate and optimise voltage requirements for and install specialised equipment
  • Complete inspections, testing and reporting requirements
  • Advise on energy-efficient solutions
  • Advise on government codes and regulations as well as industry standards
  • Perform contract routine and reactive maintenance
  • Perform emergency electrical services

Systems Specific to your Industry

  • Protective relays
  • Uninterruptible power supply for critical components
  • Grounding equipment
  • Transformers and voltage stabilisers
  • Fuses, panels and circuit breakers
  • Drives and motors
  • Safety systems and practices
  • Wiring and cabling devices and considerations
  • Specialised machinery

Call Leahy’s today for all your industrial electrical system needs!