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Commercial Maintenance



A steady, dependable supply of electricity is crucial to any business operation, whether it runs on expensive, specialised machinery or a computer generating invoices. Disruptions cost your business time and money, so your electrical design should accommodate the configuration of your machinery to minimise the possibility of human error, machine interference or susceptibility to external factors. Of course, while some disruptions are simply unavoidable, many occur through a failure of imagination.

Technological advances in design and the quality of components have made the constant breakdowns we used to consider inevitable a thing of the past. The perpetual hum of your equipment can lull you into a false sense of security, but the more sophisticated the design of your machines, the more catastrophic the breakdown will be when it strikes. This makes regular, preventative maintenance of your building systems and machinery vital.

Why is Leahy's the right choice?

  • With 60+ years’ experience serving the southwest Victoria area, Leahy’s Electrical Services has been keeping this community’s businesses functioning longer than any other electrical company. Our aim is to build a lasting relationship with each customer through quality workmanship and honest dealings. Area hospitals, for example, have trusted our expertise with their buildings, equipment and patients continuously for more than three decades because we put our reputation on the line with every handshake.

    As a local, family-owned company, our employees are served by those hospitals, just as we are served by your business. Your success is the community’s success, and that’s good for us all. We won’t let you forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, whether it’s the health of your family in question or the health of your company’s electrical systems.

Required Electrical Maintenance

Some industries require periodic testing and reporting to accrediting bodies, and some operate under mandate through government codes and regulations. Our licensed professionals are well-versed in the labyrinth of these obligations and can take that worry off your shoulders. We often contract for routine maintenance, and we’ll keep track of and comply with reporting deadlines so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Preventative Electrical Maintenance

It’s just good business to schedule and perform regular maintenance of your building and machine systems because they can fail you at the most inconvenient moments. Early detection of an electrical issue is key to preventing cascading failures. Leahy’s can work with you to design a maintenance agreement that works best for the type of machinery you run and the way you need to run it. Periodically testing, monitoring, fixing or replacing any components of your electrical systems will minimise the chance of unscheduled work stoppage for repairs or more extensive damage caused by continued operations under faulty conditions.

No commercial facility should operate without a maintenance plan — whether you keep qualified electricians on staff or outsource to licensed professionals.

Types of Machine Maintenance

What types of machinery does Leahy’s maintain for commercial clients?

  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Electrical machines of all types, including specialised machinery
  • Lighting systems
  • Generators
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Security and surge protection equipment
  • Transformers

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